Penis Health 101: The Lowdown on Using Vitamins for Penis Enlargement

Penis Health 101: The Lowdown on Using Vitamins for Penis Enlargement

Anyone with a penis has wondered about their size at some point. That wondering often leads to a quick internet search for all sorts of things related to penis health, including vitamins for penis enlargement, penile implants, and other things that promise the ultimate in penis health – and of wwwcbdbossus, size. But do any of those claims of massive enlargement hold true?

The short answer: No way.

The long answer is a bit more complicated than that. Yes, there are things that can enhance penis care and health. The right penis health crème, for instance, can lead to a more handsome and healthy penis. But if a man chooses a crème simply for potential vitamins for penis enlargement, that’s a pursuit that will end in serious disappointment.

Do vitamins for penis enlargement exist?

Though there are several fly-by-night companies that swear they have the pills, creams, supplements and witch doctors that can make a penis bigger than nature intended, the truth is that they are all liars. While the right vitamins are integral to penis health, they do nothing to change the size of the member.

However, keep in mind that a healthy penis is absolutely essential to a satisfying romantic life and overall health. Therefore, keep these vitamins in mind:

1) Vitamin C. This wonder vitamin can do incredible things for the body. From warding off colds to repairing tissues throughout the body, there is a very good reason it is mentioned by doctors as a great supplement. Vitamin C can promote collagen health, which might help in some mild cases of male dysfunction. Deficiencies in Vitamin C might also lead to a lowered sperm count, so start eating more oranges if conception is in the future.

2) Vitamin E. Known for centuries as a vital part of everyday health, Vitamin E keeps skin supple and smooth. As a bonus, it might also help those who suffer from Peyronie’s disease. This severe curvature of a hard member can lead to pain during tumescence, penetration and emission. Though Vitamin E does not cure it, when used in conjunction with medical treatment it can help alleviate the bothersome symptoms.

3) Vitamin D. Often called the ‘sunshine vitamin,’ Vitamin D is great for natural skin hydration. That’s why it is such a great ingredient in a man’s personal care regiment. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which helps protect cells by making them less prone to damage. This works throughout the entire body, so definitely include this one in the day-to-day health regimen.