Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Sites for Finding New Relationships

Lack of time to create a personal life makes many people start dating on the Internet and use the services of dating sites like,, On such sites, it is enough to place a questionnaire with a photograph and wait for someone to pay attention to you. Now we will consider all the advantages and disadvantages of such communication.


  • Preliminary inspection. Unlike a regular date, you can familiarize the applicant’s appearance from a photograph and study his profile. If something did not suit you, you simply proceed to the next questionnaire, without uncomfortable explanations and awkward situations as in a personal meeting.
  • Preliminary communication. Learn a lot about the nature of the future elect, helps the first messaging. Preliminary correspondence will allow you to find out if a person has a sense of humor, a circle of his interests, erudition, or a real level of education. In addition, correspondence gives time to think over questions and answers, and this in turn raises communication to a high intellectual level.
  • Opportunity to change your mind. Until you make a real date, you always have the opportunity to stop communicating without giving reasons. After all, it may turn out that there is no reason for refusing to communicate, and the soul does not lie to a person. Well, or you just scared.
  • Polygamous communication. On the dating site you have the opportunity to communicate with several applicants at once, without fear that they will learn about each other. Simultaneous communication allows you to save time and choose the best candidate from several options, while feeling like a fatal woman or womanizer.


  • Unrealistic profiles. Unfortunately, this problem is common to all dating sites. Very often people embellish their personal data or provide other people’s photos. Some users, for the sake of a joke or for reasons of mental disturbance, create accounts where they indicate a sex that is not true. But the most common trick is to understate the real age.
  • Distance. If you are determined to look for a spouse on the Internet, start your search with people living nearby. The ideal option would be people living with you in the same city, well, or, at least, in neighboring cities. Keep in mind that the remoteness of your chosen one’s place of residence can play a fatal role in your relationship (about relationships at a distance). Not all people have the opportunity to move, and you yourself will not want to withdraw from your place of residence in order to come to your beloved somewhere beyond the Arctic Circle.
  • Disappointment at the first meeting. After going through all the preliminary steps and agreeing on the first meeting, remember that you will meet with a real person, and not with the image lined up in your head. Very often, the first meeting brings only disappointment, even if you communicated before on Skype and by phone.