9 Fun Hobbies to Try as a Couple

9 Fun Hobbies to Try as a Couple

Whether you spend every second together or tend to take a more individualistic approach, it’s really helpful to your relationship to have shared hobbies. Do you have to have these? No, of course, you don’t have to. There are plenty of ways to connect well as a couple, even when you don’t share a lot of the same interests. Still, if nothing else, it can be a lot of fun!

What to Consider

Why Have a Shared Hobby?

You’ve already got matching his and hers wedding bands. Aren’t you intertwined enough? Well, sure, there’s something to be said for having your own space and interests. However, having a shared interest is a great way to deepen your connection and spend more intentional time together. It can also be nice to have an activity you do together that allows you to naturally talk about things you might not otherwise designate time to bring up.

Start with What You Know

Can you just pick up a hobby in a field you know nothing about? Absolutely, you can. You really just have to know who you are as a couple. The G.K. Chesterton fans out there will recognize the famous quip, “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” If you don’t exactly resonate with that (looking at you, hyper-competitive type-A couples), maybe start with something in your wheelhouse to avoid frustration.

Maybe Don’t Pick Competitive Things

Back to you, hyper-competitive type-A couples. A certain amount of competition can be great and really fuel both of you to be your best. In some areas of your life, you should absolutely have that. Hobbies may not be that place, though. Just take an honest look at who you both are and decide whether you can handle competing at something or if it’ll only end in a fight.

Fun Hobbies to Try as a Couple

Board Games

There are so many out there that the possibilities are basically limitless. You have the perk of being able to choose whether you want to play a competitive or cooperative game, depending on what you’re feeling. Plenty of two-player board games are out there, but you can always expand and bring over some other couples for a game night, too!

Reading the Same Book

This may work better if you have shared interests going in. If one of you wants to read an airport-level fiction book and the other is thinking Plato, maybe move on to a different hobby. Still, it can also serve to give you each a better sense of the other’s mind if you’re open to reading something you may find initially dull.


Getting Outside

Hiking, camping, kayaking or just going on walks around the neighborhood. Whatever works for you as long as you’re outside enjoying the fresh air. Any outdoor sport is a hobby that can easily build on itself and create a lifelong love of an activity, so feel free to lean into anything that seems interesting here.

Working Out

Swap your regular rings out for a pair of silicone rings, and hit the gym as a couple! A solid workout releases those sweet, sweet endorphins, so shoot for that runner’s high together.

Collecting Anything

Except for Furbies. Those things were always creepy — and you know that we’re right about that. You can collect anything from stamps to classic cars and everything in between. Maybe start with something more on the stamps end of the spectrum before moving up to large machinery, though. Still, collecting things offers endless possibilities, and there’s always something to look out for.

Learn Something

Learn a language, take a cooking class, go ballroom dancing. Whatever your thing is, go for that. The nice thing about taking a class together is you can pick something pragmatic or entirely ridiculous. Whether you need to know how to walk a tightrope or not, you can certainly learn it together!

Get Artsy

Even if you aren’t artistic, there’s a reason those paint-and-sip classes are so successful. If you aren’t already artsy, consider this an extension of the “take a class together” idea. If you are, this can be a fun way to express yourself or just a great, shared de-stressor.


However many green thumbs you have (or lack), you can still try your hand at this one. If you’ve got a backyard, you certainly have more options. However, even apartments with balconies or just extra space will work. Indoor or outdoor, there are plenty of beginner-friendly gardening options.



Do you two have a shared cause you feel strongly about? How about some extra time on your hands? Maybe there’s an organization you two can volunteer with. Even if you’re only there once or twice a month, make it a volunteer date night! It’s a great way to do something good while spending time together and meeting new people.

Really, as long as you pick something to do together and stick to it, that’s all that matters. Yes, even if you’re terrible at it. If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly with your significant other. Which hobby will you two try next?