7 Couple Tracker Apps to Spy on Your Partner in 2021

7 Couple Tracker Apps to Spy on Your Partner in 2021

We meet many kinds of people in our life. Some are kind and some are harsh to us. The kind and humble ones stay forever with us. Among all of them, we also meet a person that automatically gets connected to our souls. We feel like having more conversations with them. This person becomes the center of our life and a special bond begins with this person if he or she feels the same. What if one day you get to know that this person was never loyal to you? Many people have been cheated on and in the majority of the cases they didn’t know about their involvement in some other person until the last moment and this time one cannot even think of taking revenge or making the person realize for what he did as it gets too late.

We are here to save your time and efforts while keeping proper track of every activity that your partner does on his or her phone. Some applications are used for this purpose that helps in spying and keeping an eye on your partner. It also helps in catching your disloyal partner. Read about them below.


Many times we get caught up with thoughts regarding what our partner does in the times when your partner is doing something else other than talking to you. Despite trying very hard, most people always stay in the number of thoughts regarding this. Spyzie comes here as a savior for people who want to keep a track of their partner’s secret life. This application has many features to offer in this regard. The first one is the feature through which you can view your partner’s incoming and outgoing calls. This application also lets you check your browsing history. Features like knowing about the recently visited places by your partner, social media accounts and the chats there, and the local received, sent and deleted messages.

Hover Watch:

All of us say out loud that we are not the insecure type and completely trust our partner but deep down all of us do get insecure sometimes and in reality a perfect wedding or relationship doesn’t exist. We feel the need to keep a check on our partner. What can one do when feeling very insecure about your partner? You have to do nothing except install this application named Hover watch. This application lets you track your partner’s chats, calls, browsing history, and live location. You can easily spy on him or her and even catch them if they are cheating on you. Know about your partner’s whereabouts before it is too late.

Couple Tracker:

When other couple tracker applications were working on adding features that help in keeping an eye on your partner’s daily activities on phone, at this time an application named couple tracker came with an additional feature of sharing data as well. This application is well known for offering this additional feature of keeping each other updated other than spying. This doesn’t mean that this application will notify your partner if you are trying to keep a track of their activities. You can easily get access to their chats and call logs without them being notified about it through a couple of trackers.

M Spy:

We have seen this thing majority of times that people keep ignoring the reality check regarding their partner’s unfaithful behavior towards them. They ignore the opinion of their loved ones and all they want to hear is good things about their partners, despite them being disloyal. Such people keep asking for proves. Here is where M spy can be the best couple tracking app for couples. All the common features related to tracking texts and logs are what this application also has. But this application also offers two main features. One is listening to your partner’s calls and the second one is having access to every single application present on the phone like calendar, notes, and others.

Kids Guard App:

Many tracking applications have been launched up till now. Among all of them, the one that is preferred is the one offering a maximum number of tracking features. This is the reason why the application named Kids Guard is preferred and loved by many when it comes to keeping an eye on your partner. Monitoring and checking all the messages, call logs, browsing history, deleted messages, social media activities are the features that are offered by this and the tracking applications. One feature that I have not seen in other such applications is monitoring live screen activity and taking a screenshot instantly. This is what makes this app unique. You should try this application for spying on your partner.

Life 360:

Life 360 came up with the feature of keeping you connected with your partner and loved ones. This application is made to keep track of the locations. This application offers two main fea tures. Let’s talk about both one by one. The first one lets you synchronize your device with your partner’s device that helps in knowing each other about their live whereabouts. This is a very good feature in keeping one aware of where your partner is currently without having the guilt of secretly spying on them. The second feature is the notification feature. Through this feature, you get notified every time your partner enters or exits a place.


Social media has become an essential part of our lives. All of us are fond of social media applications. Among all of them, Whatsapp is an application that you will find on the phone of every person. People rely on this application for texting and calling purposes. If everyone has this application on this phone so I am sure your partner world also has it. How to track their activity on this app? Here comes the role of coco spy, an application that is made to track chats and call logs done on WhatsApp. You can also see the saved contacts on WhatsApp of your partner through this application.

Download the one that is as per your need. I am sure you will love the services these applications offer. Do something before it is too late.