Best Ways To Make Your Bed Life Better

Best Ways To Make Your Bed Life Better

Sometimes in relationships it happens that the erotic life simply starts to fade away, the sex is getting less and less enjoyable, and it is the same as usual – boring and not very appealing. However, there are ways for our bed life to regain its old colors, but how?

Why Is Your Sex Getting Worse?

The reasons may be different, because it may start with ignorance of your partner’s needs, or there may be a lack of awareness of your own sexual needs, the aforementioned monotony and boredom, impotence or asexualism. Naturally, there may be many more reasons, but we have listed the most common ones, so perhaps before you start experimenting, it would be worthwhile to talk frankly about it, if any of you do not have one of the problems mentioned above. It’s normal to expect that at some point that sex won’t be enjoyable for one of the party, so changing the meta may be a good idea for the long run.

,,Kamasutra” May Be The Answer

Classic” sexual positions (e.g., missionary or doggystyle) can often be very “pathetic” and boring, so it is sometimes worth thinking about modifying such positions. Many couples like the position in which the woman is on top. So it would be worth to diversify your sex life by carefully selecting new positions. There are also many effective ways to modify the basic positions. One of the best ways is, for example, to read the kamasutra, which contains many interesting erotic positions that you can use in your bedroom.

Try Using Sex Toys

Some more conservative people are afraid to use them (because they know that they use them in porn– and as we all know, they think that sites like redtube are sin), completely unnecessarily with the rest, because using handcuffs or whips can heat up the temperature in the bedroom a lot. The proposal to use handcuffs will certainly appeal to women who like to be dominated and men who like to play their first fiddle in bed. Among intriguing erotic gadgets there are also geisha balls, which will make every woman delighted.

Improve Your Foreplay Game

As far as the ladies are concerned, it takes a little more effort for them to be properly satisfied with the foreplay, but it is known that both men and women enjoy sex. Unfortunately, it is often the case that one or the other side may feel exploited, because the partner has already satisfied himself and is actually not taking our satisfaction into account. Most often, however, it is the man who finishes faster and forgets about the woman. However, the foreplay is really crucial, because few women like so-called fast numbers unless they really want to. The foreplay allows us to prepare for a close-up. Gentle kisses, touching – this is what a woman needs. Even during innocent caresses you can get excited so that you don’t need much to finish – both men and women. Such an introduction is therefore very important if we want to give a woman comfort and pleasure. It is important, as we mentioned at the beginning, to satisfy the woman first. She will certainly repay you. It is important to listen to her body – when we feel that our partner likes this movement, this rhythm, we do not interrupt it unless we want to prolong this most important moment. In this way, by listening to a woman’s body and reacting to the sounds of pleasure, we will reach the most important point.