Top 3 Reasons Why Men Gain Weight After Marriage


What’s the reason behind my weight? How have I gained so much weight? You might be thinking about the reason behind why men gain weight after marriage. Some of the men feel surprised to notice their weight and got shocked that how much they have gained weight.

You look yourself in the mirror and noticed that you look like an uncle. What happened? Why do I keep gaining weight? Most of us can’t figure out what happened when you are eating the same amount of meal. According to the survey in the 2010 year, men with 25 to 40 age are eating 35% calories and having a daily intake of 2200 Kcal.

Abnormalities in behavior and mental health may also highly affect your weight and overall health. For an instance some people are hyperactive and they might not  consider it unusual but the matter shouldn’t be overlooked. Once must seek a proper consultation or should know how to get an Adderall prescription. For that you have to understand what Adderall is. Adderall is known as a prescription that is used to treat ADHD known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children or adults.

Apart form that, we are going to discuss here the top 3 reasons why men gain weight after marriage.

Homemade sweet Home

Most of the newly-weds loves to spend more time in the home. They love to look forward after coming back from work, sitting on the sofa with the wife, eating dinner, and spending quality time. They start eating a lot that ends into again overweight.

Hence it is indeed that spending more quality of time at home, sitting in one place all the time, doing nothing, can cause overweight. Therefore, you need to go for a proper health routine to maintain your weight.

Fathers baby

When the babies are in the making, it results in lifestyle changes. The exercise-filled weekends change into your lost sleep during the week. Weekday, when you can play badminton or bowling, now you have to pick up diapers and other important necessities for the baby.

While you are busy making your baby happy, the activities that you were doing daily now turn into a much lower intensity. Furthermore, eating the same amount of food daily, no workouts, no exercise, and no proper health can lead to overweight.

Whereas, according to the survey in the year 2004, people who don’t have enough sleep than six hours a day were almost 30% more likely to become overweight. It is indeed that when we don’t get enough amount of sleep then our hormones would cause us to crave high-carb foods.

You are starved

When you get older, you got many responsibilities in your hand and find it harder to leave a room because of your hard schedule for workouts.

While working a lot for your job or work, you need to get some time for yourself. Because sitting at one place from day to night can ends into overweight too. If you don’t take a proper healthy diet, you would not be able to have a healthy life.


Hopefully, the explanation about the top 3 reasons why men weight gain after marriage would help you to understand the topic carefully.

Some of the reasons discussed overhead are:

  • Homemade sweet Home
  • Fathers baby
  • You are starved

If you found any difficulty while reading the article, you can ask freely because we are here for explaining it better.